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Player Shops

Page history last edited by nethaxion 3 months, 3 weeks ago

This is a list of currently active player shops (12/2023):


Palanthas: All Directions from Imp Square

Directions  Shop  Player 
2e, n, 2d, w The Veiled Lyceum Nethaxion 
2e, n, 2d, e
Gordo's Pawnshop "The Gauntlet" Gordo 
2e, n, 2d, 2n
Jendaron's Shop Jendaron
2e, n, 2d,  n, w Bloodbath and Beyond Neoren
2e, n, 2d, s, w
A Dusty Potion Shop Elinos
2e, n, 2d, s, e  Gaddock's First-Aid Hut Gaddock
2e, n, 2d, n, e, n, e  The Profane Arsenal  Ciang 
6e, n  Ironforge Magical Wares  Falkore 
5e, 5n, 5w, 8n, 5e, n  Mysterious Arts  Dimdom 
5e, 5n, 5w, 8n, w, s  House of Waffles  Talvidas 
5e, 5n, 5w, 8n, 2w, n  Mageware Shop  Leodas 
5e, 5n, 5w, 8n, 3w, n  Spoils of false redemption  Lothoemas 
5e, 5n, 5w, 8n, 12w, n  Sable and Macbeth  Sorin 
5s, 3e, n  Colorful Stall  Snefru 


The largest hubs of player shops are in the Palanthas Black Market (2e, n, 2d from Imp Square) and along Garnet Way, North, in Palanthas. 

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