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Race and Class Information

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This page has links to the levels you learn skills and spells for each class as well as a little blurb about the viability of each class.



This contains information about the different races and their ability scores and classes they are able to play.


A lot of this information was compiled and adapated from previous work by Dindom and Kaelay.

The stats listed below are the max trainable stats. Depending on class, those stats can get a plus three bump (ie: An Aghar’s Max Strength is 18, and Aghar warrior’s max strength is 21). These maxes only take into account how high you can train the stat using trains. Beyond that, you can raise this stat by another 4 by wearing eq or having spells cast on your (again, as an example, an Aghar Warrior can train his or her strength to 21 but with Giant Strength can max out at 25). The highest any stat can go (trainable, eq, or otherwise) is 25.



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