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Monk is the most confusing class to play. They are extremely powerful at pk up until level 32. After that they begin to decline quickly becoming almost unplayable after level 50 or so.


Monk Skills

Lvl  1: quarterstaff       

          hand to hand       





Lvl  2: kick               

          second attack      

Lvl  3: dagger             


Lvl  4: dodge              


Lvl  5: blind fighting     

Lvl  7: blowgun            

Lvl 10: spear              

           danger sense       

           enhanced damage    

Lvl 12: engage             

Lvl 14: awareness          

Lvl 15: bow                


Lvl 16: whip               

Lvl 24: crossbow           

Lvl 26: bash               

Lvl 27: third attack       

Lvl 30: counter            


Lvl 32: critical strike    


Lvl 38: fast healing       

Lvl 45: disarm             


           detect trap        


Lvl 50: rescue             

Lvl 54: surge              

           mind heal          

Lvl 56: hunt               


Lvl 60: scrolls            

Lvl 62: fourth attack


Monk Spells

Lvl  5: bark skin          

Lvl 15: wood skin          

Lvl 30: stone skin         

Lvl 45: steel skin         

Lvl 75: diamond skin  


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